Certificate Requirements


Start Dates:

Effective: August 2023

First Semester

Course #Course TitleCreditsPrerequisites/Comments

150-105IT Career Prep2Minimum grade of "C-" required.

150-111IT Software for Networking2Minimum grade of "C-" required.

150-134Network Infrastructure Cnspts2Program student; 804-133 or concurrent; Corequisite: 150-111 | Minimum grade of "C-" required.

150-143Computer Hardware3Minimum grade of "C-" required.

150-150CCNA 1: Intro to Networks3Program student | Minimum grade of "C-" required.

150-151CCNA 2: Switch/Routing/Wire Essentials3150-150 | Minimum grade of "C-" required.

150-163Microsoft Client Operating Sys2Minimum grade of "C-" required.

150-165Microsoft Server 12150-163 and 150-150 | Minimum grade of "C-" required.

150-176Linux 12Minimum grade of "C-" required.

150-183Wireless Networking2150-134 | Minimum grade of "C-" required.

804-133Math & Logic3

Total Credits Required: 26

2.0 Minimum Certificate GPA Required for Completion

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